Procurement services

Drilling & Production Products

Drilling & Production Products

Tool, PPE, and Safety

Extensive inventory of hand/power tools, safety products, protective clothing, boots, helmets, glasses, gloves, face shields, goggles, facemasks and/or respirators.

Plate, Pipe & Tube

Leader in breadth and depth of product in many grades of metal. Carbon, alloy, stainless pipe, instrumentation tubing, fiberglass and poly.

Valve and Actuator

Valves covering both upstream and downstream sectors. Ball, multi-turn, specialty check, butterfly, gate and plug. Valve actuation.

Fittings & Flanges

Carbon and alloy steel in butt-weld & forged, bolts & gaskets, instrumentation fittings and other fittings.

Mooring equipment & accessories

Wide range of mooring equipment, anchors, lines, ropes, bouys, bollards, fairleads, shackles, swivels, etc.

Electrical Products

Major product offerings include cables, cable glands, cable tray and support systems, conductivity, control apparatus, electrical accessories, enclosures, fiber optic assembles and accessories, motors, industrial fittings, light fixtures, and specialty items.

Paint & Coatings

Wide range of pressure gauge, manometer, thermometer, sensor and other analog meters.Extensive inventory of acrylics, epoxies, coatings, primers paint and thinners.

Life Saving & Fire Fighting items

Our product range of life saving equipment includes: Breathing Apparatus sets, Immersion Suits, Life Jacket, Safety Harnesses & Lines, fire extinguisher, fire hoses, cabinets etc.

Pumps & Motors

Product offering includes know OEM pumps, motors, cylinder of various sizes, bearings and spare parts.

Lubricants, Sealants & Grease

We carry high-quality oil, lubricant, grease, sealant, compounds, degreasers, cleaners and pipe dopes.

Gauges & Sensors

Wide range of pressure gauge, manometer, thermometer, sensor and other analog meters.

Hose & Hose Fittings

Major product offerings include wide range hydraulic, pneumatic, industrial hoses, fittings and filters.

Container, Basket & units

Wide range of Dry goods, Refrigerator, HH, Demountable, Construction, Module, Cabin, Office and WC containers

Construction Products

Our product range of Construction Products includes: various type of wood, steel bar & mesh, cement etc.